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5 Kitchen Design Tips

5 tips for designing your kitchen!

Suffice to say, our kitchens are our biggest asset these days. With more and more of us looking to create open plan entertaining spaces, considering our health and therefore our food choices more often, and generally wanting the kitchen to be the heart of the home.

I thought it was about time I shared 5 of my key tips for designing or creating your perfect kitchen!

The Cooking Triangle

A top, top tip to consider when you get designing. The kitchen is ultimately a functional space and needs to be created with the most ease and practicality which is where our cooking triangle comes in. Your sink, fridge and cooker should be within logical reach for ease of cooking! Following some form of triangle when you choose the location of these items will help you to achieve the optimum cooking layout.

Black and gold kitchen

The Kitchen Bin!

Try to locate the bin and dishwasher along the same side as the sink. If you're anything like me and HATE washing up, I can tell you this is a game changer! Save time and effort by having your 'tidy' items in the same place. Scrape, rinse, machine. Easy peasy! If you don't have a dishwasher (like me) there are a few things you could do... Bin near the sink, and crockery cupboard near the draining board so it's easy to put away. OR pretend it's not there and wait for your Husband to wash up (kidding I wouldn't actually advise this...)

Pull out kitchen bin

The Island

For island planning, make sure you have a minimum of 100cm between island and countertop. If you have room, leaving 120cm is much better for the most optimum space flow! This is so that if you have cupboards or machines that need opening you still have room to walk past it while it's open! Nothing worse than either a cupboard door or a human being in the way when you are trying to move around the kitchen.

Large Kitchen Island with pendant lighting

The Countertops

There are all sorts of fabulous kitchen countertops to choose from these days but there are a few key elements you should consider when you choose yours. How often do you use the kitchen? Is it a messy space? Do you like to keep it clean and tidy and wipe the surfaces regularly? Opting for a durable hardwearing material such as a quartz can often be a bigger cost, however in the long run can save you replacing a worktop that experiences very heavy use. If I were to choose investing in an area of a kitchen as a priority, I would definitely consider this to be up there! You can find out more about worktop materials here

Cupboard doors

Just a small but VERY important consideration… SOFT CLOSE! Whether you opt you modern handle less cabinets or traditional shaker style, go for soft close hinges! I mean it is in the name, no more slammy cupboard doors, children’s fingers will be safer and you will feel saner instantly without a harsh bang of a kitchen cupboard door closing.

White Kitchen with brass hardware

Next time I will be talking about kitchen dimensions and how to measure up for your space so be sure to head to my Instagram page @richesinteriors where you can find out lots of tips and tricks in the meantime!

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