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All About Me!

Isn't it so much nicer working with a designer that you feel you know something about?!

Designing peoples homes is such a personal thing to do, you should be able to rely on and relate to whoever you invest your money in. Since you are so kindly taking the time to read my blog and follow my story, heres a bit of an insight to me and how I got here!

This is me. I live in a rented semi-detached 2 up 2 down house in the beautiful Cotswold countryside. I live there with my husband, and crazy (but very lovable!) 1 year old Yellow Labrador called Bambi.

Do you know whether to laugh or cry?! I don't! The first photo is SUPER cute, the second was about a millisecond that she wasn't running around like a looney, and the third... I mean do I need to explain? Constantly giving us reasons to laugh (and reasons to clean)

I met my husband at University. Following our degrees, we have moved all over ( I obviously love houses so much I wanted to live in them ALL!) We've been married for 3 years, and had a beautiful marquee wedding in Somerset; absolutely counting our blessings that we escaped a Covid Wedding!

Although our house is small, we really love living here in the Cotswolds, and I find endless ways to make our rented home work better and better for us.

I finished my degree in 2015, with a BA Honours in Contemporary Art and Professional Studies. This taught me much of what I know about colour theory and combining and creating textures. I wrote a business plan and developed marketing skills that have been key to my launch of my business now! Following my degree I knew I wanted a career in design but getting there was another story..

Mostly, I knew I LOVED texture! and desperately wanted to figure out where I could push this passion. I struggled for years really understanding how I could make this my career. I had jobs in Customer Service, Sales, Food and Beverage, Retail, and Management but non of this really fulfilled my days so I knew I had to make some changes. Over time and through all of the skills I learnt in these jobs, things slowly started to fall into place and give me the confidence to take further studies in Interior Design and Business to make my dreams a reality.

Having adored Interior Design for years and grown up as a very creative child, I took the plunge to go solo with Riches Interiors and study with the Interior Designers Business School. It has been the most nerve-racking yet exciting journey I could have asked for and sometimes I actually can't believe it is happening! I work in my home office that used to be our spare room (sorry guests!) you can see the transformation of this room on my instagram @richesinteriors. I do have a futon bed in there now so I haven't completely thrown the option of guests away! But I am incredibly lucky to have a workspace that I can let my creativity out in.

So here we are, a brief rundown about how I got here. I don't know if you are reading because you want to have an Interior Design career too, or whether you are hoping to work with me. Either way I want to thank you! Without people like you sticking around and helping me along the way, I certainly wouldn't have come this far.

Stay tuned for tips and tricks to come, and expect a little bit more Bambi. After all she is my work from home buddy!

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