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How to Create a Simple Summer Evening Table on a Budget

Here's how you can create a relaxed summers evening look, without all the fuss!

Welcome to my first blog! This is something I never thought I would do, but having created my instagram account @richesinteriors last year I realised that more than anything, I loved being able to share my knowledge and creativity and help others to do the same. Many people have had a difficult time over the last year with the impacts of Covid-19, and so being able to afford the next season or an upgraded interior has become less of an option for a lot of us. I am here to tell you that it really doesn't have to cost the earth to get the look.

Following my blog will help you to gather inspiration and top tips on how to think outside the box and create the look, often for less! I will also be sharing with you some of my inspirations and the best new trends that you can implement in your home.

So, onto my summer evening table setting.

As the weather starts to warm up, we are all desperate to get outside and spend those cherished evenings with friends and family. At this time of year, it's not always warm enough to sit out late into the evening and so I have given you super quick way to get that summer evening feeling inside with just a few handy items.

Where did these items come from?

Many of the items I have used for this table setting have been bought second hand or given to me as gifts over the years! I absolutely love supporting charities, and shop at my local charity shops as much as possible. When I was younger, my Mother used to take me charity shopping and I never really understood it, but I tell you something, it has totally paid off now! She did a fabulous job at training me to see second hand items in their best light.

To this day, I search on second hand sites online, and charity shops before I start looking for something new. I truly believe it is kinder to the environment (and kinder to your pocket!) so if you can find what you are looking for before buying new it's always worth a try.

Of course this is not always an option, and buying new will always become part of your project, but if you do have a budget you need to stick to then I would definitely recommend looking for your items second hand.

I have lots to talk about on up-cycling furniture (this is what I did with the dining table here) but I will save that for another time!

So here we have it, the list of items and where they came from:

  • Table: car boot sale £7

  • Table runner: Dunelm clearance sale £7

  • Napkins: Dunelm clearance sale £5.50

  • Napkin rings: charity shop £1.99

  • Cutlery: gifted ( if people ask me if there's anything I want for my birthday or Christmas, it's always a practical home item or DIY tool!)

  • Coasters: Wedding gift

  • Plates: second hand find @facebookmarketplace (and it is Denby!) £20 for a full set of 6 dinner plates, side plates, mugs, and bowls.

  • Glasses: second hand @facebookmarketplace £15 again a set of 6 wine, champagne, tumbler and high ball

  • Greenery: My garden... !

Why did I chose to put them together?

I wanted to go for an indoor cool summer evening look. The blues through the table runner really gave me coastal summer evening vibes and so I tried to carry this through the overall style. I did this using cool pastel colours and whites, crockery and glasses that are clean cut, fresh, and delicate whilst the centre piece greenery brings a bit of nature to the the table. Check out my centre piece DIY below!

Fresh cut rosemary in bloom, a couple of stems from an evergreen bush - these reminded me of olive tree leaves so linked perfectly with my napkin rings! And a couple of handfuls of gravel. Pop them all into a glass jar or vase (this came from @bm_stores for £1.99) but you can find jars like this in charity shops, or even reuse old candle or food jars.

What did this layout cost me in total?

Cost has such an impact on whether we decide to go ahead with interior ideas and styling. I am here to tell you that it really doesn't have to cost the earth to look good! By taking a little extra time consider other ways to bring your ideas to life you can create something you never thought possible, and for next to nothing.

For under £50 (spent over the last few years I might add) I have been able to create this tranquil setting to enjoy with friends and family. In total for this layout I spent only £14.49 on the napkins, table runner and glass jar. The remaining items were bought as a set over the last few years when I have needed them!

This is just one of many quick table setting ideas that you can complete in no time if you think outside the box, and add to what you already have wherever you can.

If you are looking for smart and creative ways to transform your home, head on over and send me a message as I am sure there is a way that I can help you to do the same.

For more interior inspiration you can follow me over on Instagram, on Facebook, or on Pinterest. You will find these links at the bottom of the page!

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