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The Perfect Christmas Table

With less than a week to go I thought I would run through my top Christmas table setting tips!

OK so we might not all be experiencing the most perfect Christmas to make up for last year's, but there's always a way to lift the spirits on Christmas day with a few small adjustments to your dinner table.

Whether there's 1, 2, 4, 7 or 10 of you (or more!), make a show of it and spend some time fluffing up the biggest meal of the year!

Here are the items I would suggest for a full, and hopefully a little extravagant, table display for your celebrations this year:

🍽 Get foraging! I had a few fake stems from @dunelm that I lay down the middle of the table, and simply stuck stems of greenery from the garden into it to fill it out 🍃 I also found some fairy light twigs in dunelm (which I will use year after year) as a base for only £6! Perfect to add a bit of glitz to your display.

🍽 Table runner - I actually used a full table cloth from Dunelm, as I didn't have a runner, and folded it and then ironed it flat to lay down the middle! It creates a perfect base for your centre display and I can also use it for a full table setting another time... bonus!

🍽 Charger plate (the big plate underneath!). You can use one of these, or even just a place mat, but I like to use something that is bigger than the plates you will be using for your meal for maximum impact and an added bit of luxury.

🍽 Napkins and rings! I always use reusable napkins as I hate having to throw away so much every year. You can create a simple and super easy napkin display by folding a napkin in half into a triangle and rolling the edge corners inwards until it looks like this! Tie it with a piece of old ribbon, a napkin ring, a piece of string - basically anything you can find and stick a sprig of something green too.

Finally, candles! We use longer stem taper candles as it's much safer with fresh greenery on the table, but you can use any candles raised a little of the table 🕯


1 - Place table cloth down and add runner down the middle of the table making sure it hangs off each end

2 - Add you sprigs of faux greenery and lay it down the middle of the table

3 - Push stems of real greenery into the faux stems creating a full and fluffy focal point

4 - Add a charger plate to each table setting

5 - Place your dinner ware, napkins and cutlery at each setting

6 - Add place names and candles for that final flourish!

Remember whatever you are doing this year, look after you and make sure you enjoy your day wherever you are. If it means laying a table for 1, do it!

I truly wish you a fantastic 2021 Christmas. Keep your head held high and do what you do best 🙌🏻

For me, it's fluff!

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