How to Colour Your Home like a Pro!

How to Colour Your Home like a Pro!


Are you confused about where to begin with colour?


Worried your paint won't look the same on the wall?


This 6 part interactive guide will give you all of the basic knowledge to make informed decisions and crack that colour barrier.


Your ultimate guide to understanding colour and applying it to your home like a pro!

My aim is to guide you to the home you have always dreamt of, whether it is a full renovation or a single room redecoration, this guide will point you in the right direction and give you colour confidence to apply to every room.

From basic colour theory, to understanding the atmosphere in a room, how light affects colour, right through to creating your own colour scheme with interactive pages this book will offer you the ground knowledge to get to grips with colour.

Who is it for? 

Whether you are renovating or redecorating your home and need an extra push, or a budding designer looking to further your colour knowledge, this book is for you!

Simply download your copy and fill in the digital pages as you go.

I can't wait to hear how you get on!

  • Product description

    Learn how to apply colour with a designers eye!


    Make notes and add links within the book to keep your project plans and ideas in one handy place.


    Guidance through every element that affects how colours appear in your home and how to apply this knowledge to choose your schemes with confidence.


    Affordable and friendly way to develop your colour knowledge, and plan your project like a pro!