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CONGRATULATIONS! You have arrived here because you want to know the process I follow to design a full room... Well BE EXCITED! ​ Ready to design a room like a pro? If you don't believe me, keep reading to find out what you're about to learn... I am about to share with you my exact design process so that you can apply the same technique to any room, YOURSELF! For LESS than the cost of a 90-minute consultation with me, you can come back to this course time and time again... for as long as it exists... How good does that sound?! Your home should make you feel happy, everyday. Now you wouldn't be here if every element of your home was PERFECT would you? Why settle for less than perfect when you can learn how to re-design the spaces in your home just like a trained professional would! Find out what’s involved next… This 90-minute course is broken down into 10 digestible chunks to make it INCREDIBLY EASY to follow and begin implementing in your home. Each section will guide you through a part of the design process that you can go away and implement and come back to the next section when you are ready! Imagine having a professional designer on demand to talk you through the next steps?! Magical. This course works around YOU.

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