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Finding Riches Interiors has been the best thing for me. Georgina is an absolute gem. Professional in her approach to everything and with such an understanding of what I needed even when I didn’t know myself, she totally got me and was able to apply her experience and knowledge to create new ideas for my home. I have really enjoyed working to the final plan and I have already ordered many of the suggested interiors for my hall, stairs and landing. I’m delighted with everything and cannot wait to try all the paint colours and wallpapers. If you are looking for inspiration and guidance for your home interiors, look no further. Georgina not only loves what she does, she has a wonderful way of pulling everything together, so don’t hesitate to make contact, you won’t regret it.

Tina, South Gloucestershire

"Georgina managed to get to the heart of what I wanted for my new kitchen by taking the time to get to know my lifestyle and needs and took the time to find out how I use my kitchen and what my lifestyle involves. When I started the process of a whole new look and design, I knew what I wanted in my head but didn't know how to implement it. She helped me with everything from the design and layout to colours, textures, shelving options and very importantly good lighting. Her skill in producing layout plans and 3D images made the whole project become clear and helped me understand many of the aspects I didn’t even know existed. Highly recommended - and I will use her when I do my living room."

Mrs Betteridge, Hampshire

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Georgina Riches and her company Riches Interiors.  She came up with some great ideas and two very professional proposals. One for the living room and one for the kitchen/conservatory. Her colour palettes and provision of samples were particularly helpful in persuading me to be more adventurous."

Gill, Gloucestershire

"Georgina led me through a complete refurbishment of a small, but difficult area which had been letting my house down, comprising of an unattractive back porch/utility and downstairs lavatory full of pipework. The 3D model was inspired and enabled me to properly vison what it would look like. Colour is always a challenge for me (as I like them all). Constantly changing my mind, I really wasn't sure I would go with the mood board palette, but I have to confess that the final result could now fit nicely into that original mood board - even the small bold feature wall mural, and I love it. As a result the whole area is now much more stylish, providing a much improved first impression from visitors to the back door, and the scheme has attracted numerous positive comments. As well as looking lovely Georgina knew I needed the space to work for me, and has provided me with beautiful and practical (and co-ordinating) built in storage. The whole scheme fits with the rest of my (small) house providing the perfect flow from front door to back in terms of flooring, colour and aesthetics. Georgina is very talented; importantly she listens to you and can create a co-ordinated, sympathetic and stylish scheme into any space. I have no hesitation in recommending her."

Sally Harries, Gloucestershire

"Georgina worked with us recently to redesign the layout of our living room. She was professional and helpful throughout the process, the information we needed to provide was clear and Georgina was able to make some clever suggestions that we previously hadn't considered. I'm so pleased with the mood board and the plan we have for going forwards, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services. Many thanks, Georgina!"

Tasha Cooper, Gloucestershire

"It was so helpful having your input. It was really useful that you put the changes in stages and it is likely that I will ask you to do the same for the sitting room in the New Year. Longer term it has made me realise that if this becomes my forever home or if I move to my forever home, I would like to employ you to help me style my home!"

Kalina, The Cotswolds

"I had the pleasure of meeting with Georgina to go over my proposed plans for a large project that we have coming up in the next couple of months. The new building will be a large kitchen dining space but I wanted to form a link between the formal dining room and the formal lounge area. I didn't want to walk from room to room and have a change of colour scheme - I wanted it to flow nicely.
I felt I needed a little reassurance on the colours of the fabrics and materials that I had chosen for the overall scheme. Georgina came and did a home visit and listened to my thoughts and saw my vision and gently guided me on my final choices offering a few suggestions of her own. I'm Thrilled with my project so far and cannot wait for the work to begin.
Whether you need a little help or someone to put together a whole new scheme together I can definitely recommend Georgina."

Sue, North Somerset

"Georgina is very professional and organised and has lots of enthusiasm for her work which is lovely to see. She has lots of good ideas for colour and design which she provides in detail. It was a pleasure working with her."

Sharon Gaskin, Swansea

“Georgie helped us refine our plans for our new kitchen/dining room and provided us with a mood board reflecting her ideas and suggestions, which we loved. She definitely has a natural flair for interior design and we are looking forward to getting her help with the rest of our house!“

Emma, Gloucestershire

"Georgina manages to see the unseen in almost any space. She has a wealth of interior knowledge to apply to any request or query. My rooms were quite the miserable problem but have been completely transformed by her abilities and enthusiasm to a challenge! 100% recommend!"

Matthew, Gloucestershire

"Georgina was really helpful when I needed some inspiration to pick furniture pieces for my new extension. I have followed one of her floor plan ideas and am really happy with the results."

Jess Cartmer, West Sussex

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