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How to Choose a Wallpaper That You Will Love!

If you have been keeping up with me recently, you will know that I have been working on a couple of projects where the clients have been looking for a statement wall paper to complete their finished look.

Once I had begun my search and started my designs I realised just how many people don’t find it easy to make a decision on wallpaper, so in this blog I am giving you all of the top things to consider to make your wallpaper decisions much easier!

So it’s worth starting by saying, simply, don’t be afraid of wallpaper!

There are so many questions when it comes to wallpaper – is the room too small for feature paper? Can you wallpaper in a bathroom? How do you know which paper to choose?

I have heard all of these questions, and there really is an answer for everything! There is so much choice of wallpaper these days that choosing the right one can be scary, but here are some top tips when it comes to making that all important decision.

Decide on the scheme of the room before settling on a wallpaper!

Knowing your colour scheme can help you establish which paint to match to your wallpaper. If you had a bold paper with various blues and a calming seascape feeling, you might want to find a white the blue undertones as part of your colour palette, to keep the cool and calming scheme running throughout the room. You might then choose mid-darker blues in different hughes throughout your furniture and soft furnishings.

Alternatively, you could pick a contrasting colour such as a coral pink or an earthy yellow to compliment the blues and give you a bold statement room!

Frame a Sample!

My top tip is to frame a large sample of the paper and pop it up on the proposed wall. Leave it for a week or so and start to learn whether you love it each time you enter the room, or not! You may even decide to keep it in the frame as a contemporary art work style. Equally, no room is really too small for wallpaper.

What sort of mood are you after?

Choosing your wallpaper depends really on the mood you are aiming to create as a bold patterned paper can be a real statement and give you a moody feeling in a small room which could be great! Alternatively, choosing a delicate pattern covering more than 1 wall, can give you a wrap-around comfort that some bolder papers wouldn’t give you. If you are after a more tranquil and relaxing space, with a touch of excitement, something like this beautiful paper below from Little Greene could be just the statement you are after!

Have you considered textured wallpaper?

Sometimes all a room needs is that added element of depth, and so textured wallpaper is a great way to add that extra detail which keeps the room feeling interesting but doesn't draw too much attention with bold statement patterns. Take a look at this image below, the wall paper has a textured patter all over, giving the wall an embossed look and in keeping with the property’s characterful features, but is bought to the modern world through the use of neutrals and woody tones with lots of texture.

Can I wallpaper my bathroom?

Well the answer is, YES – you can wallpaper in a bathroom! Papers these days can be made specifically with moisture resistance, perfect for that bathroom feature wall.

If you are planning to wallpaper your bathroom, you need to consider the preparation of the walls and make sure that it is a bathroom safe wallpaper. When you order your wallpaper you will be able to see whether it is marked as bathroom appropriate!

If you need help to bring your ideas together and find the right colour scheme for the wallpaper you love, head over to my contact page and drop me a message, I would love to help!

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