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Top 10 Home Comforts

I have always been a true ‘Home Bird’ and in home bird style I am going to share with you my Top 10 Interior Home Comforts!

The reason I love this job so much, is because it gives me the opportunity to help other people create a home that they love and adore and want to spend time in more than anywhere else. This is how I feel when I am at home and so I know just how important it is to get it right!

Having a safe space that you know you can retreat to at the end of the day is the goal for many, and so here are some simple but effective ways to give your house that ‘welcome home’ feeling.

1 – Soft furnishings!

Blankets and cushions are the ultimate comforting touch to any living space. Layering materials and texture with various sized cushions give depth and visual interest which can really help to draw you in and feel comfortable and relaxed. Is there anything better than curling up on the sofa with a blanket to watch your favourite TV?!

2 – Candles…

I mean it wouldn’t be a Riches Interiors blog if I didn’t include candles in here. The warm glow of a flame and scent that reminds you of special memories or occasions can be truly heart-warming. Our sense of smell plays a huge part in our feeling of comfort as smells can evoke certain memories and remind you of comforting experiences making your home feel all the more welcoming.

3 – A great lamp

Lighting is so so important to consider when you are trying to create a relaxed and calming atmosphere. You want to consider using a warm white bulb rather than a cool white bulb as this give off a much softer glow that will gently light up the room. Cool white lighting can be great if you have a space that you use for detailed work such as cooking or making so don’t forget to consider what the space is used for before you go changing any bulbs!

4 – Coffee machine! OK it’s not on everybody’s essential list…

An essential part of my day to day is being able to make a good coffee in the morning. Going out for a coffee with friends feels like such a treat so investing in a good machine at home means that I can have the feeling of that treat but still within the comfort of my own home! It also means I am creating less waste in buying disposable coffee cups…

5 – Bring nature in!

There is something incredibly calming about having living plants inside your home. It gives you a greater sense of connection with nature and plants are even proven to help with your wellbeing! If you’re not sure you can keep them alive, there are all sorts of low maintenance options that I will be sharing with you in an upcoming blog post, keep an eye out on my social media so that you don’t miss out!

6 – Make a meal of it

I LOVE cooking, and there is nothing better than beautiful dinnerware to give you the ultimate home cooking experience. It’s just like when you go to a restaurant, if your food is presented beautifully, it automatically feels like it's going to taste amazing!

Don’t save your favourite dinnerware for Christmas, use it and appreciate it as part of your day-to-day home comforts!

7 – Feature fireplace

So you don’t HAVE to have a an actual fire to create a feature focal point in your space. It could be a chimney breast that used to have a fire that you could decorate with candles and lanterns, or even an electric log burner for that warming glow. Either way, a feature fireplace can create such a warm and cosy atmosphere, perfect for relaxing during those chilly winter evenings.

8 – Rugs

It might seem a small thing but having something soft under foot can be the ultimate welcome home. Rugs are so diverse and can make even a rented home feel more homely. I have said it before, our senses are one of the key ingredients that help us to establish what we want to feel in our homes. Touch can instantly bring a sense of calm, so being able to arrive home and take your shoes off after a long day and then step onto a soft rug might be all you need to give you the homely feeling!

9 – A good night sleep 💤

It may seem obvious but investing in a good quality bed and mattress can be completely life changing! From the desire to come back from a trip away and sleep in your own bed, to the physical health benefits of a comfortable night sleep. And not to mention your overall level of productivity which is hugely improved with a healthy sleep pattern.

10 – Slippers

Did you know how hard it is to narrow down the things that make me feel at home? We’ve landed on slippers because without fail I am ALWAYS wearing slippers around the house. It totally signifies the end of outside and ‘doing’ and the start of relaxing, although since I work from home, I also tend to be wearing slippers throughout the day! This reinforces the impact that our senses have on our overall level of comfort. If you don’t own a pair of slippers (I really hope that’s not the case) but IF you don’t, please please go and get some I promise it will make a difference!

I will be sharing lots more of what makes me feel at home over the winter months so don’t forget to keep up to date on my social media @richesinteriors

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