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Why Should I Hire An Interior Designer?

Here are my top 6 reason why hiring an Interior Designer is worth it!

This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions about the Interior Design world. The truth is, there is a huge amount of theory and training behind the decisions that Interior Designers make.

I have decided to give you a whistle stop tour with some key reasons why hiring an Interior Designer is a good idea!

So, what do we do?

Interior Designers can be involved in design projects from before it has even begun. We can work on the initial draft plans, and work along side architects to create the best solutions and designs for your home. We can oversee the entire project, working with trades and contractors to ensure your build or renovation runs smoothly.

This could involve anything from drawing up initial layouts and floor plans, to 3D models and renders giving you a clear visual idea of your new space, and sourcing and styling the final products once your build is complete. We can create mood boards and colour schemes to put your ideas into a visual plan, and also draw up lighting and electrical plans and technical drawings to provide your contractors with the necessary information and documents to complete the job. All of this is just a snippet of how helpful we can really be!

IMAGE: Initial concept and inspiration board

IMAGE: Kitchen design concept elevations/floor plan

Lots of people tend to think that Interior Designers buy soft furnishings and make things look pretty. Well in short, yes this is a big part of what we do however it is not all we do! There is often a lot of planning that goes into styling, including mood boards, sourcing (researching suppliers and products to be included in the final style, and ensuring items availability and organising delivery schedules) through to receiving deliveries, and checking and unpacking products on the day and managing issues or returns as well as throwing in trade discounts to save you some all important pennies.

IMAGE: Riches Interiors sample presentation

I hope in a way that you can start to see why ‘making a room look pretty’ really is a full-time job, and one that I absolutely love!

So here we have it, my 6 top reasons to hire an Interior Designer.

Professional Training

Interior designers have often undertaken professional training to understand each part of the design process. This enables us to make informed judgements on how best to design your home. You can find out more about my professional background here.

Fresh Eye

Having looked at the same space for so long, is it all starting to merge into one?! Sample overwhelm is a real thing and I can't tell you how often I see clients unable to refine such a large amount of options! We are able to visualise ideas and options you might not have been able to think of as well as giving you guidance and gently working out the real desires for your space and daily living.

Trade Discounts

Access to unique trade only suppliers and discounts that you might not otherwise know about or be able to access! Whilst paying for an Interior Designer might seem like a luxury spend, it is often the case that if you are intending to purchase a room full of new furniture, the discount we could offer you may counteract what you have spend on Interior Designer fees. This means the same spend on all your furnishing, but with the addition of full design support throughout your project to make sure your space is a dream to live in!

Project Management

We all know that running any kind of home project on top of your current life - work, school run, dog walks and the like; can be a huge responsibility! When you are under so much pressure there is a risk of making decisions in hast or just to get the job done which in turn may leave you with a finished project that you are not 100% happy with. In the long run this could cost you more in making amendments to your scheme!

As a designer we meticulously plan elements of every project to ensure the ideas are feasible as well as organising the order of work and liaising with trades to implement your project to the best possible standard. Let us take the stress away!

Save money

Don't laugh! Hiring a trained professional might cost you their fees, but in the long run could save you costly mistakes and increase the value of your home.

Imagine repainting your hallway in a colour you loved, and then hating it every time you arrived home because it felt too ‘cold’? Now you are thinking you will need to redecorate, and replace the hallway rug, furnishings or finishes to make it better, but if you had some help on how to choose the colour in the first place you might not be spending the extra money updating everything else to match now. See where I am going with this?

Save time and effort

Save you time and effort in budgeting and planning. Who really loves budgeting?! Hiring a Designer can save you a lot of stress finding the right design to fit your budget, and a lot of hours that you could be spending with your family and friends instead. As we often say, time is money so why not invest this in someone to take the weight of your shoulders?

IMAGE: Riches Interiors 2D room visual

These are just a handful of reason why hiring an Interior Designer is beneficial. Of course it is worth a note, that not every Designer provides every service. Riches Interiors offer services from one-off consultation through to full service design supporting you from design concept through to project completion.

I adore more than anything being able to help my clients create a home they have always dreamt of, and adding an element of luxury to their homes

If you have a project that you need some help with, come and chat about how Riches Interiors could help. If you have enjoyed reading this then head over and subscribe to my newsletter where you will receive monthly hints and tips to help you along the way!

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