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How to Choose the Right Mirror for Your Home

Mirror Mirror on the wall!

Today we are talking all things reflective, and chatting about how to choose the right mirror for your space. In case you wondered, the image on the left here is actually a reflection!

You might wonder how I could talk about this for a whole blog post, but having lived in fairly small houses for most of my adult life, mirrors have been my absolute saviour in making the rooms feel bigger than they are so I thought I would share some of my top tips.

Go a size bigger than you expect!

When you are purchasing a mirror for a specific space, it is a good idea to buy the size bigger, as if the mirror is too small it can look obviously look out of place, but you can get away with it looking slightly bigger especially if it is in line with the item of furniture below it. Of course, if the only option to go bigger is twice the size, then you might need to do a little more research on where to buy from!

Go up in height not in width

This is an odd one, isn’t it? What I mean by this is that when you are choosing a mirror, you should always try to match the width of it to the item or piece of furniture that it sits above. For example, in this bedroom below, do you see how the width of the mirror fits within the width of the bed head? However, I could get away with having a taller mirror that continued up towards the ceiling for a bigger impact.

Or how about this mirror, tucked just within the chimney breast? It creates a focal point in the room, but doesn't look out of place.

Bigger really is better

In most cases, a decorative mirror is used to make an impact, and therefore the size definitely matters! If you want it to be a focal point in the room, it needs to be larger with a statement frame to really draw attention to it.

However if you are using a mirror to give the illusion of space, it is usually best to go for as big as possible, with a more neutral frame that doesn't draw the eye too much. This means it will sit quietly giving you the illusion of space instead of drawing your attention directly to it.

Use multiple mirrors

Alternatively you can create an equally large impact by grouping a selection of smaller mirrors together. If the mirror is purely decorative, it almost acts as a statement piece of artwork by doing this, and it can look fantastic!

Choosing your style

When it comes to style, mirrors can be a great way to combine a contrasting style with one that already flows throughout your house.

It is common to assume that you should choose a mirror with a frame that matches the rest of the house, however I find this isn’t always the case. If you are using a mirror to act as a statement piece, finding one with a standout frame can really create a stylish accent in your space. See this example in my own home, it isn’t necessarily the obvious style choice, but by mixing the more contemporary décor with the traditional mirror frame it creates a statement and a display that really draws your attention to it.

If you are living in a smaller home, I cannot stress enough how much of a difference the right mirrors make. From reflecting a large surface and giving the illusion of extra space, through to creating a quirky gallery style mirror wall to add a bit of character.

The over all style and look of your home can be truly enhanced with good use of mirrors, so if you need help deciding how to make mirrors work for you in your home, come and say hello and see how I can help you!

You can contact me via my online form (head to my contact page), or through email or telephone. I can't wait to hear more about your project!

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